Dhivya  is an audiologist as well as speech therapist with 5 years of full time experience in serving customers with at most dedication. Her passion for helping others as an audiologist & therapist has made her customers favourite choice to book appointments with.

Experience: 5 years
Specialization: Audiologist

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    About Me

    Dhivya holds a double bachelors degree in the field of healthcare. Her passion for hearing care led her to specialise in audio & speech language pathology. She has dealt with a wide variety of patients that helps her gain confidence and experience in audiology. She takes pride in being a person with great attention to detail, analytical and self driven.


    Trained in advanced audiology & hearing care to diagnose and help customers with hearing impairment . Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your personal situation and how advanced Audiology & hearing care can help you.

    Counseling practices in audiology play a critical role in helping patients and families understand, accept, and adjust to the impacts of auditory, vestibular (balance), or other ear related disorders.

    As an audiologist I educate my patients regarding the nature and impact of their ear related disorder, how different interventions work to help limit negative impacts of the disorder, and how patients and families might implement them effectively.

    A perfect solution for hearing loss differs based on the type and intensity of hearing loss. A guided approach is essential to choose the right hearing aid technology for the perfect solution.

    Management 90%
    Analytics 75%
    Consultation 73%
    Engineering 75%
    Communicatoin 93%
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