Why we should donate Hearing Aid

Hearing is one of the five senses of human body and losing hearing feel isolated from the society, relatives, friends and lose ones confidence, always they want to be accompanied, it will shatter their future they will feel inferior complex and their memory will deteriorate and they will start living in their own world they will gradually disassociate from their routine work and worldly affairs and fall a victim of selective amnesia. Kids with partial hearing coming from low mid class families suffer silently. The life of the Hearing aid is approximately 5 years and the kids due to sweat and dust hearing aid get damage within three years and kids don’t disclose this to their parents and even so parent will not be in a position to get another new one. This page is to just help them to find one generous person.

So helping them to hear is a Godly thing you are giving them a better life.

Who all can Donate

New Hearing Aid

As an individual you can donate or as a team or as association or as a club or as an institution or as charity. Models and quantity you may check and place order the shipment will be made as per your requisition and the videos pertaining usage of the hearing aid will be sent to details provided by you.
If the hearing impaired already selected the hearing aid with doctor recommendation through an hearing care professionals and you wanted to sponsor them the same hearing aid will be given to you with reasonable price.

Donate Hearing Aid

    Used Hearing Aid 

    If the Hearing Aids are less than three years old and in good working condition without any physical damage and you are planning to go for a new model or you are not satisfied with the hearing aid or if you no longer required or if the user is no more you may donate the hearing aid. We will disinfect ,clean and service it and send to the required people according to their loss and intimated to you.

    If it is a custom made hearing aid like CIC/IIC/ITC the re customization charges Rs.2000 per hearing aid to be borne by you.

    What hearing aid you can donate

    There are budget hearing aids you may buy in bulk and donate but the life and performance may be compromised and standard models with two years warrantee. We recommend standard models and there are premium models and that’s up to you to decide. It all depends on you if to donate one person or many and choose to give one ear or both the ears because the hearing aid prices quoted are unit price . Our advice is if its kid give both ears hearing aid and adult one hearing aid to the better ear.

    Where can I find the Hearing Impaired people

    You may approach schools for hearing impaired or you may find in your own circle or you may find some of the needy in our website choose the gender and age and let us know we will help you to find one.

    How to diagnosis the Hearing Loss

    Locate the needy hearing impaired person and what is his/her hearing loss moderate or severe or profound can be diagnose through their audiogram or with self test at 5 feet distance speak to him at normal volume covering your lips if he could follow you 50% then its moderate hearing loss so P model hearing aid will suit them. If he could not follow you raise your volume cover lips and if he follows 50% it’s severe hearing loss and SP model hearing aid will suit them.No result with the above test they are profound hearing loss SP models or UP models will suit them.

    How does the donating process works

    New hearing aid

    Once you have decided on the person choose from our site the model and budget Select the hearing aid and quantity whether it has to be shipped directly to you or to the party make the payment and it will be sent within a week time.Instruction of usage will be sent to your mobile or mail. Warrantee card will accompany the hearing aid with seal and date you may fill the name of the person whom you are donating it. We will send you all related documents like bill ,warrantee card instruction manuals along with hearing aid.Any future service ask the client to contact us we will guide them accordingly .Warrantee varies from 6 months to 2 years.Physical damages are not covered by the warrantee.Our standard and premium models are FDA / EU certified products .

    Used Hearing Aid 

    If it is in good working condition without any physical damage and within three years of purchase date only FDA/EU certified hearing aid send it to us we will disinfect ,clean and service it .And send it to the required registered genuine person under intimation to you.

    What Benefits the Donor receives

    You get a genuine products at great discounted price

    Standard and Premium Hearing Aid get two years warrantee and we will support them entire two years free of cost service.

    Any new hearing aid you want to buy in future for your near and dear we will give 25% discount at the nearest outlet.

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