Charles is the head of service at Repairs and has an overwhelming technical expertise in fixing hearing aid devices. His aim is to upgrade the hearing aid service industry by providing the best possible service for our clients.

Experience: 32 years
Specialization: Head of Service

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    About Me

    P. Charles has 32 years of experience in  ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY.  He holds a diploma in electronics and started his career in 1988 at ELECTRONIC  CORPORATION OF INDIA  and worked for other leading consumer electronics companies for eighteen years.  He later joined the hearing aid industry in 2006.  He has successfully completed fifteen years in this industry and had several successes in providing prompt, speedy and exceptional service to customers. 

    15 years of expertise in customer counselling and tuning hearing aids for clients with absolute perfection. It proves our strength as we have thousands of satisfied customers who have traveled with us.

    Well organised in being hands on with the latest technology in the hearing aid industry. Specialised in resolving issues related to hearing aid pairing with gadgets and critical technical failures.

    Specialised in using state of art technology to provide precise hearing care solutions. Can provide rapid solutions to customers seeking expert opinion on use and maintenance of leading hearing aid brands.

    Management 90%
    Analytics 85%
    Consultation 80%
    Engineering 85%
    Communicatoin 92%
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